MCQMC 2018: Paper’s Submission for the Proceedings

The proceedings of The Thirteenth International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing (MCQMC 2018) will be published by Springer-Verlag,
in a book entitled Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods 2018, edited by Bruno Tuffin and Pierre L’Ecuyer .
The book is expected to be completed in late 2019.

Manuscript submission

Every conference speaker is invited to submit a paper based
on her/his talk. Each submission is refereed. There is a limit on the total number of pages of the volume, so please keep your articles as short as possible (without giving up clarity, of course).
Manuscripts based on a presentation in a special or contributed session should not exceed 18 pages in the required format, and preferably less. These manuscripts should contain original research contributions not published elsewhere, and should be based on talks given at the conference. The manuscripts based on invited plenary talks can take up to 24 pages and can also be more survey-oriented.
The authors must make sure that they have all the required rights to
publish their material in the Proceedings.

The deadline for submission is January 1st, 2019 (extended).

Preparing manuscripts

The manuscripts must be prepared in LaTeX2e with
Springer’s style files for contributed books

For your convenience, here are direct links to the key files you need.

The book will be typeset as a single LaTeX document that will  contain all the manuscripts. For this reason, you must refrain from
redefining LaTeX commands globally in your manuscript, because they may affect other manuscripts as well. In case of absolute  necessity, you can define new LaTeX commands for your document via \newcommand{\mycommand}, but never \renewcommand{\mycommand} or \def\mycommand. Keep their number to a minimum and avoid using short simple names that may clash with those of other authors. For all the labels you use  (equation numbers, theorems, figures, sections, etc.), try to use names that nobody else is likely to use. For example, you can add a special code to your labels.

Use the BiBTeX style file spmpsci.bst for the bibliography. Do not abbreviate journal names. Citations will use numbers in brackets. If your manuscript is accepted, you can insert the .bbl in your final source file.

Anything in color will be in black and white in the printed book, but will remain in color in the electronic version. Do not use footnotes. Here is a list of common LaTeX errors to avoid.

Manuscript Submission

Papers can be submitted (from now and up to December 15, 2018) at

The dates on the system for reviews, decisions, etc., are only indicative.

Copyright transfer

For your work to appear in the MCQMC2018 Proceedings volume, you will
have to transfer copyright of your article to Springer.
See the copyright transfer agreement for further information:

The volume name is Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods – MCQMC, Rennes, france, July 2018 and Editors are Bruno Tuffin and Pierre L’Ecuyer.